Sarasota Brands is committed to creating healthy “good for you” brands.  As a proponent of organic and non-GMO ingredients, we have created our first product “Lite Sugar” thst is all natural, non-GMO, and Fair-trade certified.

We are on a mission to reduce sugar consumption in adults and children by 75%. A paradigm shift away from full calorie conventional sugar and high fructose corn syrup is possible with healthy, natural low sugar alternatives because YOUR HEALTH MATTERS.

We believe that the problem that people have with all sugar today is not sugar itself, but the amount they consume. The average American eats 80 grams of sugar a day – three times the recommended upper limit. As the old saying goes, “too much of a good thing can make you sick.” But thanks to Lite Sugar you really can have your cake and eat it too! Lite Sugar has all the natural sweet taste of cane sugar with just 4 calories per serving, it’s finally here!

We have created a proprietary granulation method that allows our pure cane sugar to be four times sweeter than regular cane sugar and only four calories per serving with a Glycemic Index of just 16.  We use organic Stevia extract to coat the individual granules of sugar so that you can use less sugar.

This journey has resulted in our founder Sonny and his team of health conscious professionals with extensive backgrounds in all fields of the food and beverage industry to make it their mission to reduce sugar consumption by 75%. We are passionate about educating people about sweeteners to help them promote positive eating habits. Your good health is our business.